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May 07, 2006


Fred Scrooby

"But I do know that I've always rejected (and resented) weasel-words such as 'Israelite', 'of the Mosaic persuasion', 'of the Hebrew faith', and the like in favor of the simple, plain, and descriptive 'Jew'. And I have no doubt that if I were homosexual (as impossible to imagine as it is), I would prefer to be called just that. Or that I'd prefer to be called 'black' rather than 'African-American' if I had a darker skin tone." ( -- from the log entry)

But with the "black" appellation you're sort of playing the same game as the other side. Had you put, "Or that I'd prefer to be called "Negro" rather than "African-American" if I had I been of the Negro race," you'd be consistent. "Negro" is the former( * ) standard, neutral, in-no-way-derogatory word for the race.

( * It was until the left decreed for no good reason whatsoever around 1970 that it had to be phased out -- since I don't follow the left's dictates I've never personally phased it out. It was perfectly polite when I was a boy and as far as I'm concerned it still is: things don't suddenly change one-hundred-and-eighty degrees merely on the left's say-so, sorry. The English language bequethed me by my fathers isn't the left's personal property to butcher as they see fit. It belongs to me and to everyone else, not exclusively to the left.)

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